Kurt’s #1 Priority
is a Constitutional Amendment Enacting Term Limits for Members of Congress

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Meet Kurt Wilson

THE UNDERDOG. Kurt has always come from the position of underdog! A bold risk taker, Kurt left the comfort success Corporate America afforded he and his family to build small businesses. As a job creator, mentor and leader, Kurt Wilson achieved the American Dream through successful businesses and the resulting relationships with employees, business partners, peer entrepreneurs, corporate executives and friends. He enjoys a rich family life with his wife and four daughters who keep him grounded and in check in their own ways!

“Outside Jesus Christ, America has done more for humankind than any other thing. We live in an exceptional Nation with exceptional people but our freedom is eroding. It is time to reverse the course of an onerous government that no longer serves its people. It is time for political rancor to stop and for common folk to lead. It is time to dream big and courageously take action that ensures exceptionalism for the generations of Americans behind us!”

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Kurt’s Perspective

American Exceptionalism

An Exceptional America begins with Term Limits. There are many challenges facing America and many elected officials in Washington, DC banter rhetoric, ignore solutions and enjoy the comfort of their careers in a multi-billion dollar self-regulated industry. It is time to change Washington and the first step for solutions is dis-incentivizing those aspiring political elitism. With term limits, Congress can begin to address and resolve…

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Georgia’s Exceptionalism

Georgia is America’s legal front door hosting the world’s busiest commercial airport and the nation’s fastest growing port. Named the Best State for Business by sources over the past several years, Georgia is one of the nation’s fastest growing states. Georgia’s history is both promising and challenging; a Confederate State once polarized by racial divide, to birthplace of Martin Luther King and evolving into an incredible melting pot of diverse race, culture and experience. To ensure Georgia’s continued promise and success, we must embrace …

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Finally, nothing is more important than the exceptionalism of the individual.

Too often in Georgia, low-income workers cannot find the availability of new, better-paying jobs. 

Too often the ladder of opportunity is blocked by illegal workers. 

We need to reduce regulation focused on removing the barriers that exist for employers to hire legal American …

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